"The Good Ship Star Finder" by Clan Dyken

Bear and Mark Dyken introduce and perform their song, "The Good Ship Star Finder" at Half Wild in January.

The Good Ship Star Finder by Clan Dyken

We sailed out of the Golden Gate
On the good ship Star Finder
She was a thirty-six foot cutter rigged sloop
A hundred miles offshore, full moon
Night watch

I stood up at the bow just to take in the view
It was right there I saw the ancient
Ever becoming new
Some call her water, but she’s older than all names
Many many things have come and gone on this earth
But water remains

Behold the beauty of the water
The mother of all life
The vast expanse of liquid
Undulating in the moonlight

Behold the great, great, great power of the water
Alive she breathes her motion flowing
The elegant intelligence of the water
Whose face cannot be known

She is our tears she is our blood
She is the rain that animates the mud
She is river she is the lakes
She is the cloud and the ocean great
She is the ice she is the snow
She is the ebb she is the flow
From all life comes to where it goes

The beauty of the water
The deepness of the water

She is inside guiding us
To that far distant shore
That we been heading to all along
She is older
She is wiser
She sees the big picture
The mother of all life