Future Ecologies: A conversation with Adam Huggins

Our interview with Adam Huggins, co-founder of the Future Ecologies podcast, was recorded in January, 2019 for a live audience in Oakland.

Season 2 of the Future Ecologies podcast launched on August 7 (listen here). In Future Ecologies’ first season, Adam and his co-founder Mendel Skulski have shown a remarkable talent for weaving stories, interviews, music, and soundscapes into a highly engaging podcast. Broadcasting from the Pacific Northwest, Future Ecologies examines the ecological processes that define planet earth: how they affect us, how we’ve affected them, and how we can align with them to create vibrant, biodiverse, and resilient societies. The podcast digs deep to reveal that at the core of every “environmental” issue is a human design choice that isn’t static - we’ve made different choices in the past, and, with a little creativity, we can choose differently in the future.

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